Monday, October 8, 2012

Three Novellas

Figures a Santo-Rican guy is writing novellas, but I don’t quite mean Spanish soap operas. I have three short novels written out of approximately thirty thousand words each. 

The first is an urban fantasy called Glass City. It’s set in a pseudo real world city on an island off the East Coast. The city glitters like a diamond, but it has a dark secret. Races of dark creatures, collectively known as mongrels, roam the streets at night among the human populace. June is returning to her prodigal home to attend the university, but her childhood sweetheart has plans to make her into a vampire. David is a nerdy freshman at the university who falls prey to some vicious women who make him into a homunculus. Maya, one of the hotties who seduced and transformed David, is a reluctant member of a coven of shadowy warlocks and must decide how she will deal with such an evil alliance. Carlos is a bouncer at a local club who catches the eye of the werewolf matriarch and is transformed to join her pack. Their stories intertwine as they fight each other, find ways to work together, and maybe even figure out how to get out of this godforsaken city once and for all. Glass City is currently complete and fully revised and is in the works to be queried with potential publishers.

Glass City 2: Breath and Skin is the second installment in the series. It follows the stories of David, the homunculus, and Maya, the warlock who made him what he is. They narrowly escape Glass City only to find new enemies on their trail and a potential helping hand in New York City. Can they get over the twisted circumstances that brought them together and will the new romance budding between them survive? This book is a complete draft and is currently being revised and edited.

Cayuyé is an epic romance across eras. Tomas is a nobody in his present-day life. While out on a fishing trip, his boat capsizes and he wakes up in a Caribbean, tribal village where a young woman claims he is her husband, Bori. Unable to escape his new home, Tomas accepts his new identity and the simple joys his life on the island brings. He ends up living an entire lifetime discovering the spiritual side of his people, coping with loss and family conflict at every turn, and learning the mystery about the love of his life, Cayuyé. This book is a complete draft and is currently being revised and edited.

Those are my three big writing projects. Wish me luck.

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